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    I hereby agreeI hereby agree to return the vehicle 2 hours prior to departure time of your flight. To allow time for you to clear customs and immigration, following COVID Protocols at the airport and so that we can have sufficient time to prepare the vehicle for incoming clients. Drop off after the 2 hours will result in a 1/2 day rental cost charged. Thank you for your cooperation**

    Vehicle Rental Agreement

    Big Daddy’s Rental Cars hereby leases this motor vehicle to the undersigned renter, upon the terms herein set out. The renter agrees to use this vehicle for personal transportation only, not a loan or sublet. The renter further agrees to indemnify the owner for any or all cost of any damages to this vehicle. The Licensed Driver Must Be Twenty Five Year (25) and older and must have a driver’s license for more than two years (2 yrs).

    I hereby agree I hereby agree to rent car # and will be responsible for any damages obtained while in my possession and agree to the safe return of the vehicle. I am also responsible to return the vehicle with the amount of gas I received it otherwise I will be charged accordingly.

    I acknowledge I acknowledge that my rental vehicle is covered by 3rd Party Rental coverage which covers damage to the other vehicle and/or property involved in the incident and not my rental vehicle or myself. I take full responsibility for any damages that my occur to the vehicle while in my possession.

    I also acknowledgeI also acknowledge responsibility for body damage that my incur on the vehicle during my possession. If vehicle is driven off road and get bogged in the sand, the RENTER is responsible for damages incurred and immediate payment of wrecker fees($200) to have the vehicle dislodged.

    I Agree with Covid CancellationNEW CANCELLATION POLICY AS A RESULT OF COVID-19: As a result of COVID-19, our industry is experiencing a great financial impact due to the decline in travel.
    If you need to cancel all or a part of your reservation, we will waive our cancellation fee and offer a credit(with no expiration date) for all client reservations for a future booking. No refunds will be given. Thank you for your understanding.

    • Paint Damage staring at $100

    • Dent Damage staring at $200

    • Body Damage staring at $400

    • Interior Damage staring at $100

    • Wrecker fee starting at $200

    I agree I am and I agree to be legally represented by this electronic signature.

    • Drive on the left

    • Speed Limit 45MPH

    • No Smoking in the Vehicle

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