About Us


Our Company was founded by the late Winsett “Big Daddy” Cooper, whose loving and friendly personality, jolly disposition and immense pride in his family led him to be affectionately known as “Big Daddy.

Over 30 years ago, his love for the island of Eleuthera and passion for sharing it with the world combined with an interest in the tourism industry led him to create one of the most successful and world-renowned taxi and car rental services in the entire Bahamas. His motto: “2am is just as good as 2pm” was more than just a slogan it was a standard by which he lived so that his clients could be assured they were well taken care of at any time of day or night.

Winsett’s love for his profession shone through whenever you rented one of his vehicles or had the privilege to step foot into his taxi. A third generation Eleutheran, Winsett knew every nook and cranny of the island and gave spectacular and detailed tours; he could answer any question a guest could think of to ask of his beloved island home. All Winsett’s clients were treated like royalty from the moment they arrived in Eleuthera until the moment they left. Winsett was loved by so many all over the world that he is sort of a legend on the island; ask anyone about him and they will confirm the kind of person he was.

Although he is no longer physically with us, his family, his wife Sheree and 6 children, have now taken on the business and are committed to providing the same quality service Winsett began. He will forever remain the face of our company and we are proud to walk in his footsteps. Although we have discontinued our taxi service our car rental services are still available and we happily provide car delivery service to all three of Eleuthera’s airports. We’re looking forward to providing you with quality transportation for your Eleuthera vacation or business trip. Give us a call today!

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